Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Preneur Lab Arranged Policy Recommendation Workshop for Dhaka University Students

Co-create 2071

Co-create 2071, a two-day bootcamp has been organized in Dhaka University on 2nd & 3rd October 2023 by Preneur Lab on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the USA and Bangladesh with the support of the US Embassy in Dhaka in association with the International Relations department of the Dhaka University.

Dr. Lailufar Yasmin, Chairperson of IR Dept of DU inaugurated the program with opening remarks followed by a keynote speech of chief guest Ms. Sharlina Hussain-Morgan, Director for Public Engagement, Public Diplomacy Section, US Embassy. Mr. Ashraful Tanvir, Head of Operations at Preneur Lab, emphasized the importance of continued learning and friendship between the United States and Bangladesh in shaping the next 50 years.

The bootcamp featured a rich array of offerings, including expert sessions, panel discussions, a policy recommendation workshop, content creation for awareness, and engaging group activities. A total of 114 students from Dhaka University actively participated.

The first day of the bootcamp centered on the theme of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Ms. Sabera Anwar, Founder of GoDeshi, conducted an enlightening session on “Global Trends and Opportunities: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential.” Later, a panel discussion took place, featuring prominent figures such as Mr. Almas Kabir, President of BMCCI; Ms. Taslima Miji, founder of Gootipa; Mr. Biplob Ghosh Rahul, founder of eCourier; Mr. Tajdin Hassan, CBO of The Daily Star; Mr. Mohammad Zaman, Leader of Solutions Architecture Section at Amazon; and Mr. Rashedur Rahman, Associate Professor at Dhaka University.

The second day was dedicated to addressing Climate Change and Environmental Initiatives. Mr. Amir Hamza, a climate change activist, led a session focused on pressing climate issues in Bangladesh. Mr. Ahsan Rony, CEO of Green Saver, and Dr. Haseeb Irfanullah, an Independent Consultant in Environment & Climate Change Research, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with the audience.

The organizers have expressed their intent to expand similar programs to other universities, providing future policymakers, particularly the youth, with opportunities to connect with experts and engage in meaningful discussions.